New collaboration in the fusion of science and theology

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The ambition of the new agreement on cooperation between SAS, the SAS Institute of History and the University of Trnava, specifically the Faculty of Theology, is a mutual step towards creating the foundation for the opening of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Theology. Research and education on Judaism and its culture and history is a global standard in theological study programs.
The agreement was signed on Tuesday 16th April at SAS by the SAS President Prof. Pavol Šajgalík, Rector of the University of Trnava, Prof. Marek Šmid and Dean of its Faculty of Theology, Doc. Miloš Lichner. The fourth signatory of the agreement was PhDr. Slavomir Michalek, DrSc, head of the SAS Institute of History. All parties are pleased to solidify new collaboration that will build on the current programs of the SAS Open Academy (Holocaust - the phenomenon of modern history) as well as on the Otvárame dvere (opening the door) university program. "This is a symbol that expresses our openness to receiving guests while at the same time entering new territory ourselves," said Dean Doc. Miloš Lichner on the philosophy of the program.
The Parties have agreed to cooperate in particular on the issue of publications and other materials on the Judeo-Christian dialogue, building the library fund, organizing the international scientific conference, but also in the field of discussions in Slovak regions, or the presentation of professional lectures at the Faculty of Theology. The contract is concluded for three years until 31 December 2021, with the requirement of an annual evaluation of the scope, forms and results of cooperation over the previous year, as well as the provision of financial statements.
The expression of gratitude for the openness and development of cooperation from both sides was a pleasant aspect to signing this agreement with its specific ambitions and content. (SPN)
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