Italian Ambassador Gabriele Meucci visits SAS

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On March 27, SAS President Prof. Pavol Šajgalík received the Ambassador of the Italian Republic, Gabriele Meucci and 1st Secretary of the Embassy, Francesco Corsaro. The Vice-President of SAS for Foreign Relations, Dušan Gálik, was also present. At the meeting they mainly discussed current and future cooperation between SAS and the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche- National Research Council of Italy).
The main theme was the renewal of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between SAS and CNR, which both sides consider to be a major event after two years of stagnation.
The Slovak side will sign the agreement in the coming days. The call for joint projects on the Italian and Slovak sides will be launched on 15 April this year and project cooperation is expected to begin on 1 January 2020. SAS and CNR will jointly support four Slovak-Italian mobility projects for a period of two years, with each institution supporting the same amount. This is a new type of agreement which is more project oriented. Cooperation with the CNR will be renewed after two years.
Currently, the SAS is cooperating with Italy in the multilateral area on 60 joint projects, mainly COST or Horizon 2020 projects.
At the same time, the SAS President presented both the history of SAS the current academy to the Italian guest, not forgetting the efforts of SAS to retain top young scientists or to recruit or return scientists from abroad. He mentioned the developed cooperation with Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China or the V4 countries and called for stronger cooperation among Italian scientists - for example, in the objective exploration of history during World War II. (an)
Photo: Martin Bystriansky

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Hlavnou témou bolo obnovenie Dohody o vedeckej spolupráci medzi SAV a CNR.
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Talianski hostia
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Začiatok projektovej spolupráce sa očakáva 1. januára 2020.