Most of Slovakia still do not believe women to be equally good leaders

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Only half of Slovak society thinks women are just as good political leaders as men. However, the views of men and women vary considerably: almost two thirds of men (64%) agree that men are better political leaders than women, and 59% of men agree that men can better manage companies than women. This is the result of research by EVS, which was prepared by Alexandra Matejková from the Institute of Sociology of SAS for the 2nd round of presidential elections in the Slovak Republic.
"Women in management positions is a most doubtful concept for young men aged 25 to 34, where more than a quarter of them fully agree with the belief that men are better politicians and business directors," says Alexandra Matejková on the results.
In the first international comparison of eight Central European countries, Slovakia has a relatively more favourable view of men's ability to hold and perform top political and management functions. "Slovak respondents consider the same rights of men and women to be the second most prominent feature of democracy (after free elections), yet gender stereotypes and traditional division of gender roles in the Slovak public still maintain high support," explains the sociologist.
The view of the ability of men and women to hold certain functions is therefore shaped by the notion that men and women have different talents for the performance of individual occupations.
The first integrated set of EVS research allows for comparison of 16 European countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Iceland. “In both cases, Slovakia ranked fifth. Stronger support for the claim of better leadership skills for men than in Slovakia is in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Bulgaria,” says Matejková. (Graph 5, 6)
This research was part of the European Values Study (EVS), which took place in Slovakia in the autumn of 2017. European Values Study (EVS) is the oldest comparative research of value orientations in Europe (since 1983).
(an) Graphs: Alexandra Matejková, IS SAS

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