Slovak-Hungarian Literary Dialogues

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On Wednesday 13 March, a presentation of a book called Szomszédok a kirakatban – A szlovák irodalom recepciója Magyarországon 1990 után (Neighbours in the Shop Window – The Reception of Slovak Literature in Hungary after 1990, ed. Magdolna Balogh) took place at the Institute of World Literature SAS. The book was published in Budapest within the project of inter-academic agreement of the Institute of World Literature SAS and the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Slovak and Hungarian Literatures in Central European Cultural Space 3. – Specific National Literary Phenomena in the 20th and 21st Century, Mutual Literary Transfer.

Deputy director of the Institute of World Literature SAS, Judit Görözdi, the project coordinator on the Slovak part, emphasised the importance of the book, that includes texts authored by various important figures of Hungarian and Slovak science and literary translation which also appeared at the conference called the Reception of Slovak Literature in Hungary after 1990 in Budapest in October 2017.

The book was introduced by Ivana Taranenková (Institute of World Literature SAS). She stated that at the centre of her research is the reception of Slovak literature in Hungarian culture after 1990 and the phenomena of cultural transfer connected to the appearance of Slovakia at the Budapest book fair in 2016. The authors focus mainly on the cultural, culturally diplomatic, institutional context of the reception, as well as selected literary phenomena of Slovak literature, the matters of literary translation and its reception.

The important role of individuals in the process of cultural convergence and the mediation of literary values was emphasised by Magdolna Balogh, the editor of the publication and the project coordinator on the Hungarian side of the bilateral project. She offered an overview of the development of translated literature after 1990. After the presentation, there was a lively discussion with thought-provoking questions and comments concerning the Slovak-Hungarian cooperation in the field of literature, cultural diplomacy, but also translation of specific Slovak authors into Hungarian and the existence of literature on the border of two cultures.

Judit Dobry, Institute of World Literature SAS, Photo: Tamara Šimončíková Heribanová

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Zľava Magdolna Balogh, Ivana Taranenková, Judit Görözdi, Gábor Hushegyi
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Diskutuje B. Suwara, vedľa nej prekladateľka Renáta Deáková.
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Publikáciu predstavuje Judit Görözdi.